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Tennis Equipment Storage Rack SP101
Tennis Rack


Wall File SP102
Wall File


Coat, Hat and Glove Rack SP103
Coat & Hat Rack


Desk Tray and Divided Pen and Pencil Box SP104
Desk Tray & Box


Deck and Pool-Cushion Storage Bench SP106
Storage Bench


Everyone, Everywhere, Needs More Space

HOW DO YOU BRING ORDER TO THE CHAOS in the bottom of an entryway closet? Keep bicycles, shovels and garden hoses from cluttering a garage? Create a home office where paper, envelopes, stamps and pens are available at your fingertips?

You could always rent a storage unit, or call a pod storage company - such as ABF UPack - that brings the storage unit to you. This gets the clutter out of your house, but the stored items are less accessible and the fees soon add up. So how can you have all your possessions to hand but neatly organized, or save money on pod storage fees and still be free of bikes, tools and other clutter?

The answer to these and dozens of other household questions are all in this collection of solutions for the common storage problems that everyone faces at one time or another, regardless of whether they live in a cramped city apartment or on a spacious rural spread. We've included designs for all areas of the home, indoors and outdoors: in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office and garden, for sports and entertainment equipment, etc. Also invaluable for camps, cottages, chalets, boats and college dorms.

Project examples: tennis rack, wall file, coat and hat rack with pegs, desk tray and pencil box, poolside storage bench, portable writing desk, heirloom chest, stool or ottoman on rollers, kitchen caddy, under-sink storage units, recycling shed, underbed storage on rollers, and headboard with storage.

Each project includes a design, plan, materials list, step-by-step directions and carefully executed illustrations. Many of the projects can be built in less than a day and require only basic hand tools.

In addition to line drawings, most projects contain a section of helpful building tips.

Custom designs and plans available upon request.

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Portable Writing Desk SP107
Portable Desk


Heirloom Chest SP108
Heirloom Chest

Storage Stool or Ottoman SP109
Stool or Ottoman


Kitchen Cleaning Caddy SP110
Kitchen Caddy


Under-Sink Storage Units SP111
Under-Sink Units

Recycling Trash Shed SP112
Recycling Shed


Underbed Storage Box on Rollers SP113
Storage on Rollers


Headboard with Storage SP114


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